Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Building up a new product line

Not only was it a big week because we launched our new name, but it was a big week because we launched a number of new products on the site. What I did was I spent the whole Summer working on a cohesive new product line. What happened over 7 years since we started, is that our style over the years has changed dramatically. Our old shop became a jumble of old + new designs. I started to feel like I was staring at old designs, and I really needed to start fresh. I made a concsious effort to look at each and every designs that was going on the site to make sure that everything worked together. So you could see the design and say, "That's a Penny Paper Co." card. Above are some examples of new products. You can see how the collection works together, like a fashion collection, our new stationery and art collection compliments on another.

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amy walters said...

Love these. Fabulous colour combos. Fresh patterns. xoxo

Morgan said...

It's all so fabulous Lindsay! Congratulations on the relaunch and kudos to you for working so hard in the summer! I love all the new designs and will blog about them very soon!

Elle said...

I just found your new website and I absolutely LOVE IT! The colors are awesome!

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