Monday, August 15, 2011

New Company Name. New Designs.

In 2004 we started a little stationery company called Penny People Designs. Fast forward to 7 years later, thousands upon thousands of custom cards designed, clients worldwide, and amazing mentions in fabulous publications and on TV, and we reached a stage in our company where we realized that our company name, Penny People, was no longer reflective of us. Our company had naturally changed paths in our design direction. It happened slowly, but at a certain point we realized that the change over 7 years was quite dramatic.

Originally we started the company with the name Penny People Designs because 100% of the products on the site had, Penny People characters on them. These ultra cute characters that you could personalized. What happened was, was that quickly our product line grew and by the Summer of 2010, we no longer were doing the customizable characters.

For over a year we tossed around names. We looked at thesauruses, we looked at our family history book to see if there was a name that stood out. We even looked in our garden, perhaps a flower we liked would be a nice name? But nothing seemed authentic, and it was making it really, really hard to change our company name. But we knew it was something we had to do, if we wanted to set things into the right direction.

It wasn't until one afternoon when I was sitting in my garden with a friend, and I told her of my dilemma. I expressed that i was at a crossroads with the company, that our name wasn't reflective of what we designed, and I couldn't think of something. Later that evening I received an e-mail to my blackberry and she said..."Why not Penny Paper Co.?"

It was brilliant. Here I had been trying to change our name totally, but really, keeping the name similar, but dropping the "People" from it (Since we no longer do the customizable people) was perfect. It was a tie to our history, but a new name, fresh and fun, to start the next journey on. And, that brings us today, and The Penny Paper Co.


amy walters said...

Love this new name. Love the chevron card. Love this story. Love it all :)

Lindsay said...

Thank you Amy!!

Amanda @ Ninth Street Notions said...

Love your fun bright colors!

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